Certification is not just a simple formalty, but the proof of continuous updating to improve in all business processes, at every organizational level, with the aim of satisfying at the best all customer requests.



Ecopan, used as a packaging product, complies with the RESY standards. The use of the Resy brand with the identification number guarantees that Ecopan has the necessary prerequisites for 100% recovery and recycling.



At the beginning of 2010 we obtained the coveted FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®).
FSC® is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.



In June 2010 Tonelli SpA, together with 6 other honeycomb producers, founded the European Association of Honeycomb Producers EMPHA. The aim of EMPHA is to offer an industrial platform to European producers, to ease the positioning of the product by focusing on its eco-sustainability and to contribute to the development of common industrial standards.



The ASTON honeycomb and the ecological ECOPAN panel are materials selected and chosen by Matrec EcoMaterials Library for their environmental characteristics. MATREC is the first EcoMaterials Library dedicated to sustainable materials and to their use in the world of industrial production, architecture and design.



In 2014 we became part of IGEL, a German association that groups together companies, universities and associations involved in projects for the development of lightweight constructions. The goal pursued by Igel is to spread the concept of lightweight construction, both in the form of design and application, in the field of furniture and wooden buildings. The use of lightweight construction involves a series of considerable advantages for an eco-sustainable future: from a lower cost of raw materials and better energy efficiency in production up to a significant reduction in logistics costs.