ASTON: the flagship

Aston is a leader brand in the production of paper honeycomb core. It is used up for various purposes: from furniture to doors and sandwich panels production.

We have the knowledge to get the best product: high-quality paper, correct glue, 60 years of experience and continuous research for innovative and high standard technologies. We have tailored our production to the new quality standards to develop a honeycomb “custom made”. Aston honeycomb core can be produced in 2 different ways, in continuous process granted by 3 lines with 6 to 8 coils or in individual pieces to be manually assembled.


Thanks to a long experience and continuous investments in technology and research, we can boast cutting-edge solutions, such as the drilling of the cells to uniform temperatures and release steam during pressing.

Complete ventilation prevents the honeycomb sandwich panel from bursting and the production in continuous allows us to obtain a homogeneous honeycomb cell so that the result is a product of excellent quality and suitable to satisfy the different needs of use.